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The Global Clean Energy and Sustainability Summit and Exhibition (GCESSE) represents the ideal platform to discuss renewable energy solutions in the GCC region, especially in Qatar, as well as the challenges faced by the environment due to greenhouse gases on the international, regional and local level.

The GCESSE provides the exhibitors and visitors with the right means to identify the challenges faced by the environment worldwide due to greenhouse gases as well as an overview of the Clean Energy industry in the world.

14-15 NOV, 2016
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Westin Hotel, Doha, Qatar


Renewable energy is a form of clean energy cheaper than fossil fuels provided by natural sources. These sources can be solar, wind, hydropower, biofuels, biomass, geothermal, tidal power and wave power. Investments in this type of energy are cost effective and create three times more jobs than fossil fuels.

Many countries worldwide have launched renewable energy initiatives to reduce energy consumption, increase energy efficiency across platforms and facilities, increase use of renewable/alternative energy supplies, assure access to sufficient energy supplies and reduce adverse impacts on the environment.

Based on its sources, energy can be divided into two main types, renewable energy such as solar and wind energy which sources can be replenished naturally in a short period of time and nonrenewable energy which sources require a long period of time to be replenished.

According to a report published by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, many GCC countries have announced a great number of renewable energy initiatives. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for example, has announced a fund of over US$109 billion to deliver 41 GW by 2032 through a combination of solar PV and solar thermal technologies (Murray, 2012). Given significant plans to invest in renewable energy the United Arab Emirates (UEA) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been included in the Ernst and Young “Renewable Energy Attractiveness Indices” and ranked 35th and 37th respectively (Ernst and Young, 2012).

Qatar Energy News

Qatar also had its share of these new clean energy initiatives. Qatar Foundation (QF) announced in 2014 that it has completed the installation of new solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at Education City, capable of producing 1.68MW of power, and created QF’s Energy Monitoring Center (EMC). According to Qatar Foundation, this pioneering project for the Gulf region is the nerve center for managing the Smart-Grid and monitoring solar power while becoming a resource for researchers and students.

In the same context, Qatar Foundation also announced that it is currently producing up to 85 percent of Qatar’s total solar energy output, and the Solar Smart-Grid Project and EMC are intended to accelerate the adoption of solar power as a key energy source for the country.


Why Exhibit at GCESSE 2016?

The GCESSE2016 represents the right destination for leading innovators and policy makers aiming at networking and coming face-to-face with professionals and experts to discuss the most effective alternative sources of energy in the GCC region and worldwide.

This event provides the participants with the opportunity to discuss new renewable energy initiatives towards cleaner energy for sustainable development in the GCC region, especially in Qatar.

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Why Visit GCESSE 2016?

The Global Clean Energy and Sustainability Summit and Exhibition (GCESSE) represents the ideal platform for energy experts and professionals to exchange information related to the impacts of energy production, supply, transmission and utilization.

GCESSE 2016 provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Network and meet with energy professionals and discuss the increasing effect of greenhouse gases.
  • Discuss renewable energy initiatives in the GCC region, especially in Qatar.
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Visa application forms should be submitted at least 2 months prior to the show. Regardless of submission date, the organizer does not guarantee that the visa will be granted and will not be responsible for any cost incurred.

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